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Leadership cohort programs

Join the upcoming cohort this fall or sign up for the spring. Each cohort has a twenty-five person maximum. Space is limited to create the experience and connection amongst participants necessary for transformational change to seed.

To secure your seat:
1. Click the Book Now button for the fall or spring cohort
2. Complete the Intake Questions to tell us more about you
3. Click on the Payment button to make payment and secure your seat.

After completing payment, you will receive a link to book your welcome session with one of the facilitators. Your transformational leadership journey begins!

  • Our Fall 2024 cohort

    1,200 Canadian dollars

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  • Our spring cohort begins in January 2025 and will continue with six mo...

    1,200 Canadian dollars

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  • Individual Sessions

    100 Canadian dollars

Praxis Program Details

Our Approach to Transformative Leadership

Our leadership program is unique. There are many ways to approach leadership and transformation. Our particular model is based on participating in six intense modules over approximately six months using an ever widening horizon from self, to other, to all of us (ego-centric to socio-centric to world-centric views).


 Our approach to leadership reflects our understanding of transformation as a fundamental shift in who we are and how we live together that integrates individual, collective and systems change. We see transformational challenges as those that require us to “change the ways we do change” and to step into new ways of seeing, being, doing, and relating in order to move through these challenges together. 


Our Transformative Leadership Programs (TLP) are designed to support sustainability and social change professionals to work through transformational challenges and develop the leadership capacities needed to do so. We recognise that there is no one way to understand or achieve transformation, which is why our Transformative Leadership Programs focus on peer learning, collective inquiry and learning by doing. We also recognise that leaders are under enormous pressure to resolve complex challenges and to “have the answer”. That is why the TLP provides space for “not knowing” where leaders can share their doubts and “be in the question” with supportive peers who are not trying to fix them. 


We believe that questioning and learning together is strengthened by diversity, which is why our Transformative Leadership Programs bring together diverse leaders and professionals from across sectors, issues, and identities. In doing so, we invite participants to share and learn from each other’s practices, experiences, and insights so that we can diversify and deepen our approaches to social change and sustainability.  This combination of elements is what makes our approach unique and in the Transformative Leadership Programs you can expect to find:


  • A learning environment where you can dive deeply into the challenges and opportunities we are facing and nourish the deep roots of emerging alternatives.


  • A community of like minded peers who are willing to step into a space of “not knowing” together and to support each other in the exploration.


  • An evolving “tool kit” of practices and processes for supporting this exploration and developing leadership for transformational change with a focus on integrating capacities for inner change, collective change and systems change. 


  • A facilitated learning journey that is adaptive and weaves together these elements in a way that encourages and supports experimenting with new practices and learning by doing. 


If this feels like the kind of learning journey that is right for you then please register now for the next upcoming Transformational Leadership Program.

More Questions
Book a Discovery Call

Discovery Call


Interested in joining an upcoming Transformational Leadership Program but still have a couple of questions? We offer discovery calls to participants that can definitely attend the dates we are offering and who are looking to sign up for a cohort but have inquiries or clarifications that are not apparent based on our FAQ page and website. If this sounds like you then book a Discovery Call through the link below or email us at

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